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Hi folks

It seems that the GPFS VFS module shipped with the source is purely made for Linux and not compatible with AIX.
I'm making a list of things that need to be altered in order to get this to work in AIX properly (will come later).
Moreover, I am currently facing an illegal opcode coredump when the VFS module hits "gpfs_get_realfilename_path". This is probably due to an error in the library itself.
I have been looking at the GPFS API but I can't seem to find a description of what this function is supposed to do and what it is used for. Does it just return the fully qualified filename?

Volker (since your name is on top of gpfs.c ;-) ), what can you tell me about this function?

The stacktrace looks like:
# dbx /usr/samba/sbin/smbd
Type 'help' for help.
[using memory image in core]
reading symbolic information ...

Illegal instruction (illegal opcode) in . at 0x0 ($t1)
warning: Unable to access address 0x0 from core
(dbx) where
.() at 0x0
gpfs_get_realfilename_path(??, ??, ??) at 0xd218aa34
smbd_gpfs_get_realfilename_path(pathname = "./desktop.ini", filenamep = "", buflen = 0x2ff21fe8), line 149 in "gpfs.c"
vfs_gpfs_get_real_filename(handle = 0x20321e88, path = ".", name = "desktop.ini", mem_ctx = 0x2031e618, found_name = 0x2ff220ac), line 96 in "vfs_gpfs.c"
get_real_filename_mangled(conn = 0x2031e844, path = "desktop.ini", name = "", mem_ctx = 0x2031e838, found_name = (nil)), line 845 in "filename.c"
unix_convert(ctx = 0x201dbe78, conn = 0x000003ec, orig_path = " ,\n\200", allow_wcard_last_component = @0x00000010, pp_conv_path = (nil), pp_saved_last_component = (nil), pst = (nil)), line 453 in "filename.c"
call_trans2qfilepathinfo(conn = 0xd02d6bd4, req = 0x20320668, tran_call = 804398896, pparams = (nil), total_params = 274134876, ppdata = 0x00000025, total_data = 539691408, max_data_bytes = 539677672), line 3973 in "trans2.c"
handle_trans2(conn = 0x00000718, req = 0x00000718, state = 0x2ff22780), line 7503 in "trans2.c"
reply_trans2(req = 0x20229fdc), line 7758 in "trans2.c"
switch_message(type = '^P', req = (nil), size = 0), line 1486 in "process.c"
construct_reply(inbuf = "", size = 3, unread_bytes = 104, encrypted = @0x00000000), line 1509 in "process.c"
process_smb(inbuf = " 1\344\270", nread = 0, unread_bytes = 0, encrypted = @0x00000000), line 1566 in "process.c"
unnamed block in smbd_process(), line 1934 in "process.c"
smbd_process(), line 1934 in "process.c"
main(argc = 2, argv = 0x2ff22be8), line 1519 in "server.c"

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