[PATCH] .po files for pam_winbind for v3-3-test

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Thu May 14 04:51:56 GMT 2009

Quoting Volker Lendecke (Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE):

> > If Samba is doing steps towards i18n, it could be better that it build
> > its own i18n community. After all, not only programs could be i18n'ed
> > but also documentation (starting from manpages, for instance).
> How do you "build a community"? :-)

By calling for help to work on translations, maybe. Also by setting up
the infrastructure to allow people to work on localization.

That could be a Pootle server dedicated to localization of samba (at
least the part that exists now for pam_winbind and maybe later the
localization of net...or the manpages localization, etc....).

At one moment, that could be a samba-i18n mailing list to gather
together people working on such localization work, etc. Probably here
with a few people "animating" the activity (setting up goals for
translation, interacting with release management and developers to set
i18n "freezes" before releases and coordinate calls for translations,

This is indeed describing what I'm personnally doing elsewhere along
with a few other people (in short, maintaining samba packages is
probably not the most time-consuming hat I have in Debian....while
i18n is).

In order to start with something, one could imagine having a git
branch for localization work, branched form the master branch, on
which a Pootle server  would be "hooked". At this time, it would allow
volunteers to work on source/locale/pam_winbind material (the only
place where we have PO files).

I think I can setup something like this on pootle.debian.net where we
have the whole thing ready, as a kind of demo of what's feasible.

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