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martyK martin_kendrick_uk at
Fri May 8 22:22:33 GMT 2009

sounds interesting
how would it work with a netbui share ?
would it still be faster using samba + ext4 on a sna lun than if I had NTFS
on the lun.

In particular our concern is folder browsing and file watching from RoboCopy
which we use to update our page servers.
We want our business people to be able to browse our live image folders and
grab indiviual images for use in new content.

RoboCopy would be how we deliver our software - It scans the existing file
structure and compares it to the stuff to be delivered to our live servers -
it then delivers the "delta" of files.

Finally it needs to service our web site through ASP.NET.

it would be nie if the netbui share could be serviced from  2 different
samba servers so that we dont have a single point of failure.

thanks for the help in advance guys.

Diego Remolina wrote:
> Cluster file systems are very slow as compared to plain ext3 or ext4. 
> You may want to try and use something like drbd+heartbeat/crm+samba.
> You configure two machines as master/slave, user drbd to do real time 
> replication and control who runs samba on the master with crm. CRM is 
> very cool as it can monitor your services. Let's say samba is running on 
> node1 and for some reason it dies. CRM will do whatever is necessary to 
> restart the service and if it cannot restart it in the current master 
> node, it will migrate all services to the other node.
> I am currently running a file server with samba 3.3.2, drbd 8.3 and 
> heartbeat/crm. It is very nice. I tried upgrading to samba 3.3.3 but 
> winbind was segfaulting, so will try 3.3.4 and see if that works. All of 
> the above is running on RHEL 5.3
> Diego
> Volker Lendecke wrote:
>> On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 06:29:56PM -0700, martyK wrote:
>>> We want out main website to use samba to access an ext3 share.
>>> Having one samba server controlling the netbios share , which will
>>> contain
>>> our source files, however gives us a single point of failure - not good.
>>> Is it possible for multiple samba servers to host the same netbios
>>> share.
>> Look at, clustered Samba on top of a cluster
>> file system like gfs, glusterfs, gpfs or others.
>> Volker
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