Samba-3.3.4 Challenges

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at
Mon May 4 11:18:18 GMT 2009

>> I can confirm this from a few weeks ago.  I did just about
>> the test that you described with sernet RPMs on centos 5.3
>> proper.  Both 32 and 64 bit. My user SIDS remained, but
>> groups were lost.  Domain members passed a testjoin and
> What do you exactly mean by "groups were lost"?
> Volker

The group SIDs remained (in a TDB), but the RID was no longer mapped to 
a gid.  The TDBs weren't corrupted and were readable via tdbtool(8).  
Domain member servers using winbind showed the correct SIDs, but could 
not resolve them to their NT names (ie., Windows showed xxx-xxx-xxx-512 
for Domain Admins group).

I ended up using the opportunity to switch over to the RID backend (as I 
had wanted to do anyways), so I never really probed too far.  Did you 
see this behavior at all?

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