Samba4 NetLogon Directory ERROR!

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Sat May 2 06:54:21 GMT 2009

Sassy Natan schrieb:
> Anyone?
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 5:23 PM, Sassy Natan <sassyn at> wrote:
>>  Dear Group
>> One quick question:
>> I have being testing Samba4 (Alpha7) with the Full Microsoft Active
>> Directory Schema.
>> This seems to work pretty good, but there is one issue I noticed:
>>  if I add some files to the NetLOGON Directory - the files being deleted
>> after I restart the server/service.
>> I used this to put there my login scripts (KIX based scripts) and every
>> time I do restart I need to copy them back.

What's the path of the netlogon share?

What start script are you using?

What distro are you working with?


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