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Fri May 1 20:42:50 GMT 2009

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Hey Herb,

On Fri, 1 May 2009, Herb Lewis wrote:

> has the following lines to determine if you want the
> libraries built static or shared. Is there some reason wbclient
> library is not included?
>, 1)
>, 1)
>, 0)
>, 0)
>, 0)
>, 0, no, [undefined API])

It's a bit of a debate :-)

IMO libwbcliebt is a shared object specifically to decouple
smbd from a compile time dependency on winbindd.  My SambaXP
talk where I showed Samba 3.0.34 using winbindd from the 3.2.11
release is an example of this as is.  My concern, which may
be misplaced, is that if you provide a static version of the
library, it will be misused.  But I could be just paranoid.
I can't really see why you would technically have to have
a static version. Although I totally udnerstand Volker's point
about a convience for developing.

In either case, Volker and possibly others disagree with me.
So we've all agreed to disagree :-)  In the end, it is
really the APIs that matter the most to me.

But obviously, the majority rules.  That's just the background
to answer you question.

cheers, jerry
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