Moving the docs from db2latex to dblatex?

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Fri May 1 14:15:46 GMT 2009

At the moment we're using db2latex to generate LaTeX from the DocBook
sources that we later process to create PDFs and PostScript files. We
currently ship our own copy of db2latex with some workarounds for bugs
in it.

dblatex is a friendly fork of db2latex that is actually maintained
upstream, and allows us to remove a bunch of custom stylesheets with
workarounds and Makefile magic that takes care of intermediate build steps.

dblatex is packaged for all major distributions and is part of the
toolchain to build the PDF docs for various other projects, including
e.g. git (through asciidoc).

Migrating should be relatively easy, I'm working on a patch to do this.
Does anybody object to using dblatex instead?



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