[QUICK] talloc bugs

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Mon Jun 29 22:55:14 MDT 2009

Hi Sam,

 > When tdb is spun off as a .so and installable independently to samba,
 > it's suddenly not about samba, it's about a consistent libtdb api.

I know, and the proposal I have made gives us a consistent talloc
API. It also gives us an API which I think will involve minimal
changes in the current largest user of talloc.

There is just one ambiguity in the semantics of the current talloc API
that I know of, and I think that fixing that one ambiguity with a
minimal change should be our default course of action unless there are
compelling reasons to do something more radical. I haven't seen
anything that compels a larger change, so I would like to go with the
minimal change.

If it turns out that the change I've proposed doesn't in fact work in
Samba when we test it then I'd be quite willing to look at
alternatives, but until we run that test I think looking at
alternatives is premature.

Cheers, Tridge

PS: btw, what has this to do with tdb? I'm guessing you meant libtalloc

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