Oliver Liebel oliver at
Wed Jun 24 05:50:34 MDT 2009

maybe there is a little conceptional problem with the
backend-schema.schema in samba 4, if someone
wants to use standard objectClasses/attributeTypes
for other objects than samba4-objects (e.g. like posixAccount:
uidNumber, gidNumber, loginShell)
with the openldap-backend too.

since many of the standard-attributes  are pre-defined
in backend-schema.schema (too), ist not possible to use
the standard schemas (core,cosine, nis etc.) in addition,
because slapd will ran into duplicate attribute errors when
started up.

what about a pre-defined, reduced
backend-schema.schema, that could be used
in addition to the standard schemas ?

e.g. maybe as provision-backend - option:


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