Using TDB for glib/gobject applications

Christian Hergert chris at
Mon Jun 22 02:55:33 MDT 2009

Hi Folks,

I recently put together an object data-store for applications using
glib/gobject and had originally used BDB.  However, due to the superior
licensing of TDB I decided to switch.

Someone had mentioned that I should send you guys a message about it in
case anyone would find it useful.  I have a succinct blog post on it

It supports serialization of basic types such as ints, doubles, and
strings as well and GObjects (members are key/value pairs).  If you
don't want serialization it can work with buffers directly too.  If
desired, it can transparently compress and decompress using zlib.

However, the one feature that was missing from TDB that I implemented
was concurrent transactions.  Is there any plan to do this within TDB
directly?  Also, my layer on top is primarily asynchronous.


Thanks for reading!

Christian Hergert <chris at>
XMPP: chris at

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