[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated - release-4-0-0alpha8-16-g7930f15

Jim McDonough jmcd at samba.org
Fri Jun 19 19:07:00 GMT 2009

On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 1:48 PM, Jim McDonough<jmcd at samba.org> wrote:
> commit 7930f15f5dce0dd72b354f903a758b03988371b8
> Author: Jim McDonough <jmcd at samba.org>
> Date:   Fri Jun 19 13:46:07 2009 -0400
>    Don't require "Modify property" perms to unjoin bug #6481)
Can you take this one back to 3.4...maybe even consider 3.3?  I think
Günther was interested in this as well.

If you want me to redo it for them (3.3 in particular), I can.

Jim McDonough
Samba Team
jmcd at samba dot org
jmcd at themcdonoughs dot org

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