TDB historical performance (with pretty graphs)

Rusty Russell rusty at
Thu Jun 18 04:48:48 GMT 2009

Hi all,

    I've been doing some measurements on tdb performance, mainly to see if all 
the additions since the old code (eg. transactions, hasnfn) have caused 
noticeable slowdown.  Was a bit of a pain to compile all the versions (git 
didn't seem to figure out all those source moves), and so some are missing, but 
I was interested in trends.

Executive summary:
   There's no significant slowdown trend, but some changes have made real 
performance differences.  But there's still room for improvement: we seem to 
suck recently on the "replace 5000 4byte key 4 byte date records with 8 byte 
dataa records" but I can't immediately see why: 1024-byte key/4 byte data 
records are better than ever.

So enjoy the prettiness!
PS. Tests were run on a 64-bit x86 system; values are total usecs.
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