Status of 64-bit TDB

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Tue Jun 16 13:21:36 GMT 2009


this might not be the solution for John's problem but I think a TDB 
defragmenter/shrinker is something that is missing around TDBs.

Currently, the only way to reduce the size of a TDB is to stop Samba and 
delete the non-persistant TDBs.

Has it been discussed in the past?
Is this something that makes sense and would be doable?


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< Yannick,
< A defragmenter makes a lot of sense. however, there has already been a
< lot of recent work done on TDB and I would not want to misdirect you.
< Please liaise on samba-technical so that your time is productively
< spent.  Personally, I see a defragmenter as a band-aid that may just be
< the most practical solution.
< The events that lead up to the sudden growth of messages.tdb, brlock.tdb
< and locking.tdb are preceded by at least two clients each opening
< thousands of files in the same directory.  The directory can contain in
< excess of 20k files.
< The problem situation is not likely to occur very often.  The site that
< experiences this has a crazy software application that uses the UNIX
< file system in a way analogous to an SQL database.  The design is
< inefficient and bound to perform poorly.
< Kindest regards,
< John T.

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