Samba WRITEX packet with 32k and only with response

MAAOUI.Wael wael_maaoui at
Thu Jun 11 08:19:18 GMT 2009

It seems to be Vista client
This is a bigger capture FAT32_WriteX.rar 
But what's strange with a this  capture is the 32768 bytes transferred, i
always obtain a WriteX packet with 64ko and with an alternation between
request and response.
So the question is how can we obtain a WriteX with 32768.


Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 07:38:39AM -0700, MAAOUI.Wael wrote:
>> Hi
>> I tried to analyse the strange behaviour of samba 3 turning in a Gateway.
>> And I noticed that there is only a Write ResponseX with 32768 bytes as
>> shown
>> in wireshark capture;
>> The writing rate  is very steady.
>> I tried  to tune my samba 3.025a and 2.2.12 with all parameters in which
>> I
>> can put 32768, and i alawys obtain 61440 bytes in the packet
>> the parameters I tried to tune with are : SO_RCVBUf,SO_SNDBUf, read
>> size,block size, max xmit 
>> this is an example of a response packet :
>> 1358	59.681841	  SMB	Write AndX Response, 32768
>> bytes
>> this the pcap file :
>> FAT32_WRITEX.pcap 
>> Anyone who has an idea about this configuration,please contact me
>> Any suggestion is welcome
> Looking at that file I only see a 32k WriteX request (packet 150)
> so this seems to be the appropriate thing for Samba to be doing.
> What client is this ?
> Jeremy

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