[Release Planning 3.4] 3.4.0rc1 on June 17, 2009?

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Jun 10 05:08:59 GMT 2009

Quoting Karolin Seeger (kseeger at samba.org):
> Hey folks,
> 3.4.0pre2 is not out for a long time, but as the feedback is very
> positive, I would like to try to stick on July 1 for the final release.

Feedback from Debian maintainers: no problem with 3.4.0pre2..:-)

The package was successfully built and entered the archive
yesterday. It took a little bit to have it enter as it introduces a
new binary package, namely samba-bin-common (new packages need manual
processing by our archive masters).

That package is indeed a split of the former samba-common
package. samba-bin-common will include all binaries while samba-common
will be an architecture-independent package *that will be shared by
Samba3 and Samba4*.

That work was done by Jelmer Vernooij and prepares the coexistence of
samba3 and samba4 packages on the same machine.

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