[PATCH] [FreeBSD 4] Make python bindings aware of external libs.

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Tue Jun 9 18:37:57 GMT 2009

Timur I. Bakeyev wrote:
> This patch is also relevant to Samba 4. for it it's possible to use
> external versions of libtalloc, libevent and libtdb. The source for
> them is still the same, but installing them as external libraries 
> let you to reuse this libraries in other projects(like libmapi).
> With current setup we get a bit of the problem - both external build
> and local one create Python bindings for the named libraries and
> install them into the same location. That, of course, breaks package
> managers and not nice in general.
> This patch build Python bindings for the libraries only if we are
> building them localy. That should be Ok, as soon as we unconditionally
> build Python bindings for external libs. In the future, it could be
> required to test presence of such bindings to be on a safe side.
I thought I'd already replied to this patch but I don't see my own reply
here, so I'll try again.

Having tdb or ldb installed doesn't imply having their python bindings
installed as well, since we only build the python bindings if python was
found. There should be a separate check to see if the system contains
python bindings for either for these libraries and only skip building
the python bindings locally if they were found in the system.



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