Alpha8 this week

Theodor Chirana office at
Mon Jun 8 18:44:16 GMT 2009

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I plan to release Samba4 alpha8 this week.
> Can all interested developers please look over the state of the tree,
> and the WHATSNEW4.txt file, and let me know of any reasons we should not
> make the release, or update the WHATSNEW4.txt with significant changes
> not yet mentioned.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Bartlett
Hello Andrew,

I am at the latest cvs/git of openldap and samba4.

My earlier problems seem to be on my test's machine small processor (300 
Mhz) so I provisioned samba4 agains openldap on a Vm test machime(same 
setup as on the real machine) and then copied the entire setup (private, 
etc and var dirs) to my real test machine, started slapd and then when 
running samba -i -d9 gives me this:

gendb_search_v: cn=Primary Domains 
(&(flatname=WORKGROUP)(objectclass=primaryDomain)) -> 0
Did not find domain record for WORKGROUP
task_server_terminate: [NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO]
standard_terminate: reason[NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO]
gendb_search_v:  (objectclass=ldapSecret) -> 1

my domain is ADAPTCOM.RO why is samba trying to look for WORKGROUP?

Of course server does not and I am not anble to join the domain

Best regards,

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