[PATCH] [FreeBSD 11] Different order of date(1) parameters

Björn Jacke bj at SerNet.DE
Sun Jun 7 22:26:20 GMT 2009

Hello Timur,
On 2009-06-07 at 12:55 +0000 Timur I. Bakeyev sent off:
> This is an old long lasting patch, that hangs in the FreeBSD Samba ports
> for ages. In certain cases 'net time' calls external date(1) to set time
> of the Samba box. The trick is that order and meaning of parameters of
> date(1) is different in FreeBSD(and, possibly, other BSDs) and Linux.
> So, here is a dirty patch that addresses that difference. Yes, proper
> configure detection would be better, but it maybe not easy to run
> such a test without affecting system time(and, also, some systems, like
> BSDi at least, prohibit changing time even for root).

can you please test if

#define TM_YEAR_BASE   1900

also works for you?

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