Samba4: LDB size limit and memory leak

tridge at tridge at
Mon Jun 1 22:52:07 GMT 2009

Hi Simo,

 > How do we deal with removal of index entries ? Do we risk fragmentation
 > of the index? Or do you plan to "fill in" holes that have been are
 > created by removal of entries, when a new one is added ?

I am planning on keeping it fairly simple:

 1) when an entry is added, it will go in the first index record that
 has less than @IDXSPLIT entries in it.

 2) when an entry is removed we will see if the record has dropped
 below a threshold number of entries (probably @IDXSPLIT/5). If it
 has, then delete and re-create all the index records for this index
 value, with @IDXSPLIT entries per record (and the last one being

Cheers, Tridge

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