PATCH: Re: talloc -- Eureka*

Sam Liddicott sam at
Thu Jul 30 06:52:29 MDT 2009

* Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote, On 29/07/09 21:11:
> See the top 3 commits here (the others have nothing to do with this
> discussion):
>> The first patch adds talloc_reference_sticky and
>> talloc_increase_ref_count_sticky
> What about adding your sticky code above my new branch?
> And please use 'sticky' instead of slippy in all places:-)

OK... first serious patch attempt attached.
I've used the word non_stick is some places, and slippy in none.

I want to say first that I noticed metzes talloc refactoring in the
master4-talloc-sam branch when I was almost done; and I like it very much.

I've used a macro TALLOC_MAGIC_NO_OWNER in preparation for metzes (your)
refactoring, but not bought in the re-factoring because I don't want to
obscure the changes I'm trying to make here.

I hope the refactoring can be applied on top of this at some point as it
makes talloc much more pleasant to read. [I've been breaking apart
talloc as part of a noweb literate-programming book on talloc in attempt
to unify memory management across systems (think of libgd and php and
swig, linking code together that has their own incompatible ref-count
mechanism). How nice for php to transparently use gnomes ref-counting on
gtk widgets and gd's ref counting on gd objects, and even nicer if this
is based on talloc -- but thats all another story]

I haven't added test cases but it does pass current tests. (Probably all
existing tests would want repeating with a varied mix of sticky

I don't think we need a non-sticky version of talloc_increase_refcount
as it is only used once in samba outside of talloc and it's test suite;
source4/ntvfs/posix/pvfs_wait.c: (req = pwait->req)

        ntvfs_async_setup(pwait->req, pwait);

which could be easily adjusted as like the precious function in that file.

I also fix a possible bug at the bottom of talloc_unlink where we would
still make the final call to talloc_unreference even if new_parent == NULL.

I also fix a bug in my previous reference destructor where I fail to
properly check the parent of the referenced pointer.

I independantly fixed some things that I now see metze also fixed in
master4-talloc-sam branch, e.g. checking TALLOC_MAGIC_NO_OWNER at top of

metzes talloc refactoring of _talloc_free_children also nice answers
this observation:
In talloc_free_internal when we free children, would it be simpler to
call talloc_unlink which seems to employ similar strategies? Likewise
for talloc_free_children.

Maybe I missed other metze fixes; he seems very sharp eyed.

Other observations:

* I note that talloc_reference_count does distinguish between references
and parents and doesn't count parents as references. I don't know if
this is desirable, or what the current parent===reference philosphy is.

* I note that talloc_realloc() is not allowed on referenced pointers
because of course no track is kept of copies to the original pointer. I
mention this only because it is another function that might fail with
references. (One day we could work around this using indirect pointers
whose parent is the thing being tracked).


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