Winbind - functionality

Ondrej Valousek webserv at
Wed Jul 22 08:26:15 MDT 2009

> OpenLDAP backend.  I may be wrong here but If we introduce winbind, the UID and GID numbers will be changed based off of winbind
> using the SID and multiplying, etc., to get a new UID/GID value that is not even close to our existing production environment.  No groups
> or users would be recognized on folders and files due to incorrect UID/GID numbers.  I am talking about a lot of production file servers here.
    winbind nss info = rfc2307
That will force winbind to use rfc2307 attributes in AD instead -> will 
deliver the same UID/GIDs as your nss_ldap but much more effectively.


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