Winbind - functionality

Wed Jul 22 08:05:06 MDT 2009

> Hello Mr. Bartlet,
> this does indeed allow import of uid/gid information into SAMBA 4 AD backend using non "msSFU" attributes.  Using
> the normal POSIX uid/gid LDAP attributes work great.  I can join SAMBA 3.4 to SAMBA 4 just fine.  The problem I am having
> with SAMBA 3.4 is that SAMBA is not recognizing the groups defined within the share areas within the smb.conf file.
> However, the user is pulled from the AD backend just fine (if the shares are configured with no groups).  Meaning,
> within the smb.conf file, I typically set group access to shares defined as:
> [myshare]
> valid users = @Mygroup, @ThisGroup
> To explain, I don't want to use Winbind at all.
> I have everything configured with nss-ldap within the nsswitch.conf file.
> Also, I have modified my ldap.conf file to pull this information from SAMBA 4's AD backend using the correct attributes
> defined within the Win2008 schema and the groups and users are picked up just like my OpenLDAP backend perfectly.
> Meaning, getent group and shadow pull just like the OpenLDAP backend calls.  I can't point smb.conf to AD via an
> LDAP call because it is wanting SAMBA attributes that are not within the Windows 2008 schema.
> Is there any way I can get SAMBA 3 to recognize the AD groups (just like it does the users) with nss-ldap?

>>I strongly recommend you use winbindd.  This is the Samba Team's
>>supported client for AD servers.  

>>If the problem was so easy that a simple nss_ldap invocation handled it
>>properly, we would not have 'wasted' so much time on winbind.  It was
>>developed for a very real reason.

>>Andrew Bartlett

I understand and I am not trying to induce any problems/hard feelings.  I understand a lot of work has gone into SAMBA.
However, if we start using winbind, will not our existing UID and GIDs set withing our existing backend will be useless?
Meaning, *ALL* of our production servers have files and directories based off of these static UID and GID numbers assigned within our
OpenLDAP backend.  I may be wrong here but If we introduce winbind, the UID and GID numbers will be changed based off of winbind
using the SID and multiplying, etc., to get a new UID/GID value that is not even close to our existing production environment.  No groups
or users would be recognized on folders and files due to incorrect UID/GID numbers.  I am talking about a lot of production file servers here.

So, is there a way/configuration setting to prevent winbind from taking existing, *statically set*, UID/GID numbers on our users and groups
and applying the SID multiplication to come up with a new UID/GID numbers for these existing POSIX users and groups?
If not, woe is me.

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