[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch master updated - release-4-0-0alpha8-494-geba2eb4

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Jul 21 00:22:46 MDT 2009

Hi Jeremy,

>     Move the initialization of smbd_server_conn from smbd/process,
>     after the accept and fork, to smbd_init_globals(), so it's
>     done immediately on server startup. This is needed as some
>     messages are sent to all active smbd processes (including
>     the master listening daemon). If it gets a message that
>     forces it to scan it's current connections (ie. conn_find())
>     then it discovers that sconn->smb1.tcons.Connections dereferences
>     null (as sconn == NULL in the parent) and crashes. Yes,
>     I could fix all cases where sconn is used and explicitly
>     check for NULL but this fix is easier. It means that
>     the smbd_event_context() is initialized in the master
>     daemon and then re-initialized after fork, but that
>     should be being done correctly in every fork call anyway.
>     Without this change the previous fix 6a9e0039100b57f9626e87defec6720c476b9789
>     still panics in the reproducible test case for bug
>     6564, as this is one case where such a message
>     (MSG_SMB_CONF_UPDATED) is sent to the parent. Metze
>     please check. This change passes valgrind.
>     Jeremy.

I think it is thte wrong approach, smbd_server_connection represents
the state of a connected client/a smbd child process.
I added it so that we strictly separate code that runs in the parent
from code that runs in the child.

I'd really like to understand what the problem is.
From reading the code I can't find where we hit any panic.
Can you send me the backtrace please?


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