samba cluster and nmbd

Evgeny Privarotskiy pea1999 at
Sun Jul 19 04:57:40 MDT 2009


I tried to use described functionality.

First of all, there is something suspicious in the code. This is from 3.4.0
bool register_my_workgroup_and_names(void)
        if (cluster_addresses) {
                int a, n;
                unsigned name_types[] = {0x20, 0x3, 0x0};

                for (i=0; my_netbios_names(i); i++) {
                        for(subrec = FIRST_SUBNET; subrec; subrec =
subrec->next) {
                                for (n=0;n<ARRAY_SIZE(name_types);n++) {
                                        struct name_record *namerec;
                                        struct nmb_name nmbname;
                                        struct in_addr ip;
my_netbios_names(i), name_types[n]);
                                        namerec =
find_name_on_subnet(unicast_subnet, &nmbname, FIND_SELF_NAME);
                                        if (namerec == NULL) continue;
                                        for (a=0;cluster_addresses[a];a++) {
                                                ip =

add_ip_to_name_record(namerec, ip);

The second for(...) iterates variable "subrec".  However, "subres" is
never used inside the loop. There are 2 options here: or the loop has
to be removed or "subrec" should be used inside the loop.

The second problem is that "cluster addresses" are not used to reply
on name_query_request. Is it intentionally or there is any problem to
support name_query_request?


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