Test for schemaUpdateNow

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Fri Jul 17 07:09:42 MDT 2009

Hi Anatoliy,

> I dug some more in schemaUpdateNow against Active Directory and I think I have found an explanation why it doesn't need explicit call to update the schema cache. 
> According to: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc961572.aspx
> ..."When the computer is started, the schema cache is loaded from the underlying database and updated automatically whenever the on-disk version is updated. When changes are made to the schema, the schema cache is automatically updated within five minutes after the first change was applied."
> ..."There is also a mechanism for updating the schema cache on demand. You can use this when you modify the schema. You can add the schemaUpdateNow attribute to the rootDSE with a value of 1. The value is not used; it acts as a trigger or operational attribute. Writing this attribute starts a cache reload."
> This _automatic_ schema cache update is the reason we can't have the same test for schemaUpdateNow against Windows.

I don't understand that, do we wait 5 minutes in the test?


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>> Hi Metze,
>> I edited the test so each LDAP call is on different connection and I am
>> not sending schemaUpdateNow command.
>> I run it against Windows 2003 and Samba4 not in "-M single" mode.
>> The result is that the test failed against Samba and passed against
>> Windows 2003.
>> Regards,
>> Anatoliy
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>>> Hi Anatoliy,
>>>> What did you run to verify that schemaUpdateNow works only in single
>>> process model, I use make test TESTS=ldap to run the test.
>>> I didn't run anything. dsdb_make_schema_global() operates on a global
>>> variable and can't work with the fork model.
>>>> I also tried:
>>>> self.ldb = Ldb(host, credentials=creds, session_info=system_session(),
>>> lp=lp)
>>>> After each self.ldb.add_ldif(ldif) to get a new Ldb connection and it
>>> worked just the same
>>> Also against Windows?
>>> metze

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