Is there a reason to have source4 in 3.4 releases?

Gennady G. Marchenko gennady.marchenko at
Wed Jul 15 05:14:50 MDT 2009

    I think that if it (sources smb4 in smb3.4) will need for further 
development so let keep it as is. If doesn't - it is a good idea to 
remove it. IMHO.

Best Wishes,

Andrew Bartlett пишет:
> Since Samba 3.4 has been released, I've now seen two different enquires
> where folks have expected to find a 'released' version of Samba4 in the
> 3.4 tarball.
> Is there any reason for the source4 tree to be released in Samba 3.4
> releases?  Users of Samba4 from that branch are only going to be
> disappointed (as it is will be an increasingly older snapshot), and the
> work for 'Franky' and other combined tree efforts is occouring in
> master, not the 3.4 release tree.
> (For similar reasons, I remove source3 and the Samba3 WHATSNEW etc from
> the Samba4 alpha releases)
> Any thoughts?
> Andrew Bartlett

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