Is there a reason to have source4 in 3.4 releases?

Michael Adam obnox at
Wed Jul 15 05:20:49 MDT 2009

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Since Samba 3.4 has been released, I've now seen two different enquires
> where folks have expected to find a 'released' version of Samba4 in the
> 3.4 tarball.

Hmmm, is this because of the ".4" in the version number?

> Is there any reason for the source4 tree to be released in Samba 3.4
> releases?  Users of Samba4 from that branch are only going to be
> disappointed (as it is will be an increasingly older snapshot), and the
> work for 'Franky' and other combined tree efforts is occouring in
> master, not the 3.4 release tree.

It is certainly right that the development continues in master,
but with 3.4 including source4/ you _can_ do a merged build, and build the
smbtorture4 tool, for instance.

As for the reasons, let me quote from the release notes:

>> On the way towards a standalone Samba AD domain controller, Samba3 and Samba4
>> branches can be built as "merged" build. That's why Samba3 and Samba4 sources
>> are included in the tarball. The merged build is possible in Samba 3.4.0, but
>> disabled by default. To learn more about the merged build,
>> please see
>> According to this one, there is no "source" directory included in the tarball at
>> all. Samba3 sources are located in "source3", Samba4 sources are located in
>> "source4". The libraries have been moved to the toplevel directory.
>> To build plain Samba3, please change to "source3" and start the build as usual.
>> To build Samba4 as well, please use the "--enable-merged-build" configure
>> option.

It could of course have been made even clearer that
the release refers to the source3/ subtree.
But well it is a Samba3 release, so it should actually
be pretty obvious.

If we should decide to remove the source4/ tree, we would
also have to change samba3's configure to not touch it at all
(remove merged build and so on).

Cheers - Michael

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