samba cluster and nmbd

Christian M Ambach christian.ambach at
Wed Jul 15 02:23:58 MDT 2009

Michael wrote on 07/14/2009 10:39:01 PM:

> The NetBIOS browsing stuff works with broadcasts. Since the nodes
> in a samba-ctdb cluster should appear as _one_ cifs server with a
> common netbios name and so on, when you start nmbd on mutliple
> nodes, then the nmbd will compete with each other about who the
> names belong to. Also the wins functionality of nmbd is not
> replicated properly in the cluster (it is not a tdb database that
> could be replicated by ctdb).

There is a config parameter cluster addresses with which you can specify
which addresses nmbd should announce on the network.
However there is currently no direct interaction between ctdb and nmbd,
so each time you modify your list of public addresses, you'll have to
update that parameter.
I am not sure if this allows to run nmbd multiple times, but at least
with one nmbd, it will announce all addresses of your cluster.


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