Talloc patches

Sam Liddicott sam at liddicott.com
Fri Jul 10 09:49:33 MDT 2009

* Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote, On 10/07/09 16:35:
> Sam Liddicott schrieb:
>> Metze/Tridge;
>> =20
>> as promised here are the cleaned up patches. They apply on top of
>> e129384d7c1df664e447186673dd107e190e2894.
>> =20
>> Metzes patch is the first one.
> Why, it is wrong on it's own and should be removed!

Because I don't really understand what it is doing, I'll remove it and
rework it.

>> of course it fixes talloc, but not Samba (which Tridge and AB have been=
>> working on), so although "make test" for talloc will work, make test fo=
> r
>> samba may not.
>> =20
>> I said I had been make-test-ing, but I got confused, that was on other
>> recent patches I sent applied to a fresh tree.
>> =20
>> talloc's own make test works, checked with the first 3 patches applied,=
>> and after each of 4,5,6.
> There's still a TODO for the loop detection, can you please fix them?

yes, but it's a different problem, so I'll provide a different set of

>> I don't mind of you fix up the patches or commit text if you need to.
> That's exactly what I want to avoid, I want to look at something that's
> already finished and works.

That's what you had, I'll post again on Monday without your patch at the


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