Winbind - functionality extension needed

Ondrej Valousek webserv at
Thu Jul 9 14:47:19 GMT 2009

> Why would services or protocols change often enough to maintain with
> anything other than a package manager?
> Perhaps you can shed some light on your proposed use case?
Ok you are right, I do not change services that often, but sometimes I 
do - and given the fact that all the necessary framework in winbindd is 
already there, it seems to me obvious and simple to extend functionality 
(but I might be wrong). Maintaining this via package manager or flat 
files is far from being elegant.

And to be absolutely honest, my dream is to have this integrated with 
automounter, too. Automounter can store maps in ldap repository and in 
Win2008 AD, too. Support for finding DC's via DNS SRV records has been 
added to autofs recently and guess how was it done?
By "stealing" a significant part of Samba code. I can not help myself, 
but this seems to me like an unnecessary duplication of effort.

It would be just *perfect* if winbind could provide some kind of 
universal interface to whatever Unix service (like automounter). This 
way autofs developers could concentrate themselves on autofs operation, 
leaving all the server discovery/negotiation/authentication/caching on 

Ok I understand that automounter is bit too special here so we could 
start by services/protocols/whatever else database.

Or perhaps my dreams are too wild :-) ?

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