the sorry saga of the talloc soname 'fix'

Sam Liddicott sam at
Thu Jul 9 11:36:30 GMT 2009

* Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote, On 09/07/09 11:21:
> None of this 4 patches passes make test in the a standalone build,
> so there's nothing that can be judged :-(
Thanks for pointing this out. I can't account for it as I recently did a
make test but I will look into it.
(I've had a samba4 make test fail if I accidentally built samba against
the already installed talloc)
> I've played with it here (cherry picked, reverted, cherry-picked
> combinations of the 4 patches)
> It's based on a version of talloc before tridge change it see:
thanks for trying all those ways, I don't understand why it failed
unless you were accidentally testing the installed pre-patched talloc
with the patched tests, but I'll follow your request below and provide 3
patches which work on e129384d7c1df664e447186673dd107e190e2894
> I would be really interested in a working patch
> (without old and ugly formated comments in it).
> Please provide the minimal patch to talloc.c to implement
> your desired behavior and then maybe a patch to fix existing tests
> (hopefully not needed) 
> and a patch that adds new tests.
I'll provide these.

> I need something that I can apply, test and review without
> having to dig through unrelated changes, comments.
> And it should actually work at least for the standalone build,
> but also in the source4 and source3 'make test' cases.
I'll also try the source3 make test.

Thank-you for your continued attention and help with this originally.


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