Test for schemaUpdateNow

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Tue Jul 7 12:38:05 GMT 2009

Anatoliy Atanasov schrieb:
> Hi List,
> This is the test for schemaUpdateNow command.
> The test consists of three steps:
> - create a schema class - test-classXXX(unique number) with unique OID
> - call schemaUpdateNow
> - create an object called objXXX with objectClass: test-classXXX 
> - delete the object
> In order the test to be real it should fail without the "schemaUpdateNow" command right, so I comment it and run it against Samba and Windows 2003. It turned out that it failed against Samba but succeeded against Windows.
> I reproduced the scenario using ADSIEDIT against Windows 2003 and in this case I had to call "schemaUpdateNow" to be able to create the object. So I get different behavior between ADSIEDIT and the test. I suspect Windows 2003 to update the schema automatically. I think the next step will be to write to Microsoft WSPP program to see if they can clear things out.

Could it be that it matters, if both operations operate on the same ldap
connection or not?

Also with samba it only works in the single process model...


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