the sorry saga of the talloc soname 'fix'

Sam Liddicott sam at
Tue Jul 7 06:43:17 GMT 2009

tridge wrote:
> Hi Volker,
>  > If we were talking about a significant improvement, I would
>  > be with you. But IMO improved error messages don't justify
>  > this.
> If you had spent time trying to track down the problems that this
> patch fixed without the use of those error messages (as I tried to do
> at first), then you might rate the importance of the messages.
> We've fixed a lot of bugs thanks to those new error messages, I am
> have thus become rather fond of them!
I think they a great, and the tracking of point-of-reference in talloc 
is one of it's distinct advantages.

In this case the end-user has already had the advantages of this change 
by means of the bugs you were able to discover.

The benefit being already delivered, shipping this change will now bring 
mostly pain to the end user.

I think this is the point at which we would start a new branch of 
talloc, but sharing the same repo as the rest of Samba makes it hard.


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