the sorry saga of the talloc soname 'fix'

John H Terpstra - Samba Team jht at
Mon Jul 6 02:21:45 GMT 2009

tridge at wrote:
> Hi Simo,
>  > I pushed the patch only after I got 3 acks from 3 of the most senior
>  > samba team members. If anyone had nacked the patch I would have never in
>  > my right mind thought of pushing it. But there was no negative comment.
> huh? I objected very strongly, and you were explicitly reverting a
> change I made where I chose to change the .so number to resolve the
> ABI issue.
> There is no way you could have considered my comments as a "silent
> ack"
> Cheers, Tridge

The discussion was open for all to see.  Clearly, there was no consensus
on this important matter when a precipitous move was made.  Over the
years the Samba Team developed due process, and for the most followed it
with harmonious practice.

We must learn from this incident, or else face increasing tension from
within. I do not wish to speculate where that may lead the team, or what
will be left if we do not strive to restore relations within.

I prefer to see what happened, not as badly dealt with conflict, but
rather as an opportunity to regroup aroung our mutual goals and
objectives as a team.  Can we do that?

- John T.

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