[PATCH] Remove dependency from libintl in Samba4.

Love Hörnquist Åstrand lha at kth.se
Sun Jul 5 18:22:30 GMT 2009

> Upstream does link to libintl. From its configure:
> dnl check for libintl
> rk_TEST_PACKAGE(libintl,
> [#include <libintl.h>],
> [-lintl],,,LIBINTL)
> And it contains .po files, albeit only for Swedish:
> ./po/heim_com_err-1765328384/sv_SE.po
> ./po/heimdal_kuser/sv_SE.po
> ./po/heimdal_krb5/sv_SE.po

because I only manged to learn english and swedish yet and no one else  
have translated any other languages.

>> And, to stress it again - I'd really love to have ability to no to
>> link against optional libraries.
> Patches to have a flag for explicitly configure whether or not to use
> libintl are very much welcome.

If you don't defined LIBINTL, you don't need to link with it. So if  
you remove the test, it should just work.


#ifdef LIBINTL
#include <libintl.h>
#define N_(x,y) dgettext(HEIMDAL_TEXTDOMAIN, x)
#define N_(x,y) (x)
#define bindtextdomain(package, localedir)

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