samba3-v3-4.x pidfile creation (name of pidfile) seems to break all (open)suse rc scripts - are other distros involved, too ?

Günter Kukkukk linux at
Fri Jul 3 02:20:11 GMT 2009

during samba3.3.x and samba3.4.x testings i noticed the following
different behaviour between 3.3.x and 3.4.x:

opensuse rc scripts (10.3 ... 11.0) like "rcsmb" or "/etc/init.d/smb" use
the start option like
    "startproc -p ${PID_FILE} ${SMBD_BIN} -D -s ${SMB_CONF}"

The problematic part seems to be the '-s'option

When using 3.3.x inside a root console:
     a) /usr/sbin/smbd -i
     b) /usr/sbin/smbd -i -s /etc/samba/smb.conf

I _always_ get the following pid file:
    a) or b) /var/run/samba/

This behaviour has changed (dramatically) when using 3.4.x:
    a) /usr/sbin/smbd -i
    b) /usr/sbin/smbd -i -s /etc/samba/smb.conf

Now i get _two_ different pid files:
    a) /var/run/samba/
    b) /var/run/samba/

AFAIK - opensuse always uses the '-s' start option - and always
expects that the pid file is named "".

"" now breaks all suse rc scripts - don't know
how other distros are involved.

Atm i had no closer look at the samba3 source - the usage of
"is_default_dyn_CONFIGFILE()" seems to be involved.

(where and why have the semantics been changed...?)

Lars, is samba3-4.x already available on opensuse 11.1 ?

Cheers, Günter

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