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Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Thu Jul 2 15:28:31 GMT 2009

simo schrieb:
> On Thu, 2009-07-02 at 22:58 +1000, tridge at samba.org wrote:
>> Hi Simo,
>>  > You can't have the 2 libraries installed at the same time.
>> huh?
> I meant, you can't do it without risks, of course you can physically
> drop in a file.
>>  > If, through dependencies, both get loaded in the same process space, and
>>  > both use the same symbol names, you are doomed.
>> err .. the loader is supposed to sort that out and use one. Metze has
>> explained that it can screw up (though I don't fully understand how),
>> and has proposed a patch that catches it if it happens. I certainly
>> don't mind putting in that patch as a extra precaution.
> This is how it can happen:
> App A links talloc.so.1 and libsmbclient
> New libsmbclient links talloc.so.2
> At load time glibc loads talloc.so.1 into app A, then it loads
> libsmbclient, which loads talloc.so.2
> Now, most symbols are resolved by talloc.so.1 so glibc does not replace
> them. A few new symbols though are not available so it loads them.
> Simple and devastating.
>>  > Can I ask you a question in reverse ?
>>  > Why is it so imperative for you to break the ABI ?
>>  > Why can't we fix the bug without breaking it ?
>>  > I didn't see anything in this bug that couldn't be fixed and yet
>>  > maintain the original ABI intact.
>> The ABI change is needed to give us sane logging so we can find the
>> bugs we have that have crept in over the years because we had an
>> ambiguous API. That logging has found about 10 bugs so far (Andrew
>> used it to find another one today, when running a RPC test against
>> w2k3).
> I understand why you did the changes, nobody claims they are inherently
> wrong.
>> If you can propose a way to do this with no ABI change then please
>> propose a patch (and please don't just re-send Sam's patch, I'll
>> address that in a separate email).
> Attached a possible patch.
> NOTE: I am not proposing to push this one, it compiles and should work,
> but I want to make a few tests on a system using this new talloc with an
> old samba to confirm it really works.
> I had 2 choices here, one was to simply always call the new functions,
> but this would break applications that called talloc_free/talloc_steal
> against a context that had references. The other was to call the
> original functions (renamed to _internal) and live with the bugs in
> older apps.
> I took the second route because it does not change anything for existing
> apps, and, as soon as they are recompiled it will be fixed
> automatically, looks like a sane tradeoff to me, but any comment is very
> welcome as long as the discussion is polite.


That patch is exactly what I was proposing (I just was to lazy and only
made a prototype instead of a full working patch).

I think we can make _talloc_steal_internal static...

And we need to allow samba to build against 1.4.0...

And we should wrap the fprintf statements into #if 0 or #ifdef DEVELOPER.


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