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Thu Jan 22 16:30:57 GMT 2009

Mahendran wrote:
> Thanks Christopher, your information is very useful to me. Thanks a lot.
> I am actually enhancing the samba on our product, that is basically to
> follow the CIFS standard. I actually wanted to post this into "
> cifs-protocol at" for quarries related to CIFS. I am sorry if I am in
> wrong place.


If you are working on Samba code--code from the Samba project itself--then
this is the right mailing list.

Many people now use the term "Samba" when they mean "CIFS Server".  This is
common, thus my confusion.  Are you working on source code that was written
by the Samba Team, or are you working on a CIFS server that was written by a
company somewhere?

If you are working on Samba code from the Samba Team, please let us know
which version of Samba you are using.  I have not seen the problems you are
describing within Samba itself.

> The information given by You and Derrell are very useful. Do you know any
> forum where I can get cleared all my doubts with respect to protocol
> implementation?

The cifs-protocol at list is the correct mailing list for discussions
of protocol details.  In addition, you may want to look at:

There is no true "CIFS standard".  Microsoft, however, has released a great
deal of documentation describing how SMB and CIFS work.  See:

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