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MaheNabble shmahendran at
Wed Jan 21 12:11:40 GMT 2009


I am enhancing the Samba Server on our product to support Long Name. So I
started implementing the dialect "LM1.2X002" (first dialect that supports
Long Name, the current dialect that we support is PC_Network_Program). I
have implemented Negotiation, TreeConnectAndX, OpenAndX and Transaction2
Commands (FIND_FIRST2, NEXT2, FS_INFO) etc.

The problem that I have is, when I try to read a file (which is of 4 bytes,
just a txt file), the client sends READ_ANDX command about 40 times and
after a long time (about 45 seconds), it opens the file. After some
investigation, I noticed that there is a request (packet no 370) in which it
expects only 4 bytes of data from the offset 0x0000, there the ReadAndX

I am not sure why there are so many request for just to read 4 bytes of
data. Why is it not succeeded in the first ReadAndX itself? Why is it
expecting 256 bytes of data (in the packet 121) instead of 4 bytes?

I have attached the capture (in zip format, for your
reference. Your help will be highly appreciated. 
Best Regards,
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