Unable to join a domain with windows 7 beta1

Jouko Markkanen jouko+news at markkanen.net
Wed Jan 14 12:14:41 GMT 2009

Luke Howard wrote:
> On 14/01/2009, at 10:25 PM, Volker Lendecke wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 10:14:07PM +1100, Luke Howard wrote:
>>> I found something weird (and similar) with Windows 7.
>>> Adding "wins support = yes" to smb.conf got me past the domain join,
>>> but it then appeared to insist that the NetBIOS domain name was the
>>> left-most component of the DNS domain (not that this should matter for
>>> Samba 3).
>> The main question is -- does Windows 7 still join a native
>> NT4 domain?
> Surely yes. But I don't know, I haven't tried (or heard anything from MS).

I was pondering the same, but couldn't a definite answer from 
msdn/technet or anywhere. The release notes don't mention any changes to 
networking concepts since vista, so I'd believe it should support it. 
Maybe I could try to install a NT server and test with it, it might even 
be a fun piece of nostalgy :)

However, I did not find any change with using WINS or not (there is WINS 
support in vista which would also point to the direction that NT domains 
are supported).

And, about the network location concept, that is also in Vista, so 
nothing new there. It actually does not affect what you can access, but 
who can access you. If you use a "public" location, windows disables 
cifs file sharing and upnp media shares etc., and you can configure 
different rules for windows firewall for different connection profiles. 
I don't think that this has anything to do with the issues.

Did I understand correctly that Luke you got a Win 7 joined to Samba 3 
domain? So far I have not seen a confirmed case that anyone has 
accomplished it.

- J

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