[PATCH][SAMBA4] Autoconf vs perl problem

Torgeir Lerkerød torgeir.lerkerod at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 22:28:16 GMT 2009


A number of hosts on the buildfarm running hp-ux and aix together with most
OpenSolaris 08/11 show this problem it's related to how ECHO_C is handled
inside autoconf in regards to the build system. The problems comes as a
direct result of that ECHO_C=' on thees systems and m4 writing out
config.pmmesses up this so perl fails. The attached fix is the
simplest solution as
ECHO_C isn't used anyplace by Perl.

I am now stuck in lib roken which is broken... If somebody could look at the
Solaris hosts on the buildfarm these displays the same problem as I am

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