samba4 and oenldap problem

Justo Alonso justo.alonso at
Mon Feb 23 16:46:38 MST 2009

Hi !
  I'm trying to setup a samba4 PDC with openldap backend.

  I provision the backend, start openldap, provision .. and all work
fine (well, I need to change slapd.conf file to set by * read on acl
to provision works)

  When I try to join a windows-xp sp2 computer to the domain, I have
this error message:

Failed to create user record
LDAP_STRONG_AUTH_REQUIRED -  <modifications require authentication> <>

Checking the slapd logs, I see that samba server don't bind with any
user when computer is joining to the domain (it's bind when provision
the PDC server)

I thnink about GSSAPI misconfigured or samba bind credentials .. but I
can't find anything about this.

any idea ??

my provision-backend are:
./setup/provision-backend --server-role='domain controller'
--domain=DOMAIN --host-name=faro
--ldap-backend-type=openldap --ldap-admin-pass=new.password
--username=samba-admin --password=new.password
--simple-bind-dn="cn=samba-admin,cn=samba" --password=new.password

my provision call:
./setup/provision --domain=DOMAIN --host-name=faro
--host-ip= --adminpass=new.password --ldap-backend=ldapi
--ldap-backend-type=openldap --server-role='domain controller'
--simple-bind-dn='cn=samba-admin,cn=samba' --password=new.password
--username=samba-admin --password=new.password

thanks in advance,
and sorry for my english

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