Slave share (or SMB caching proxy) suggestion

Aleksander Budzynowski budzynowski at
Wed Feb 18 19:08:52 MST 2009

2009/2/19 Christopher R. Hertel
> Aleksander,
> As Jeremy said, this is similar to the basic model of many WAN accelerators,
> though the WAN accelerators tend to use their own protocols over the WAN to
> compress data and improve speed.
> I've worked with a handful of the WAN acceleration companies out there (most
> of which have since been purchased by bigger companies).  They all want to
> know more about CIFS because it is the biggest bottleneck for their products.
> There are even better ways to do what you're talking about doing, but they'd
> take more time.  The simplest solution (I believe) would be to use Samba4
> and leverage the CIFS back-end.  Samba4 has (or had) a back-end file system
> that was itself a CIFS client.  I think someone has already done this, but
> I'm not sure where to look.
> How interested are you in doing this work?

Well, if it's going to be as simple a job as I think [yeah, right]
then I would be happy to give it a try. If someone has done part of
the job that's even better. I won't have much opportunity to look into
this further till March, though.

Have I overlooked some point that would make this considerably more
difficult than it sounds?

> Chris -)-----


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