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Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Fri Feb 13 00:38:46 MST 2009

Steven Danneman schrieb:
>> On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 09:39:30PM -0600, Steven Danneman wrote:
>>> commit d8c54fddda2dba3cbc5fc13e93431b152813892e
>>> Author: Dan Sledz <dsledz at isilon.com>
>>> Date:   Tue Feb 10 15:50:39 2009 -0800
>>>     s3: Change behavior when seeing an unknown domain.
>>>     After a lot of testing against various Windows servers (W2K,
>> W2K3, W2K8),
>>>     within an AD domain it seems that unknown domains will only be
>> translated
>>>     to the local account domain, not the netbios name of the member
>> server's
>>>     domain.  This makes samba act more like Windows.
>> This one has caused a great deal of discussion in the past.
>> I'm with you on the semantics, but at the point where this was
>> discussed I eventually gave up pushing it through. I don't want to
> stir
>> up old stories again, but all who had stakes in this might want to
>> speak up again.
>> And -- can you please next time make one reformatting patch and one
>> semantics changing patch out of this? Or better:
>> Don't do reformatting at all...
> Hey Volker,
> Agreed, this patch is a modified (and more educated) version of the
> patch I submitted to do the same thing back in Sep 2007
> (http://www.nabble.com/Mapping-workstation%5Cuser-to-domain%5Cuser-incor
> rectly--td12808573.html#a12808573) and I know there was more discussion
> before that.
> I can say that Isilon has been running with this patch for the last 1.5
> years on all customer sites AND this is the demonstrable behavior of
> Windows in all of our testing.
> I concede that some people may be relying on this behavior and would be
> willing to parameterize it with the default to Windows behavior if
> there's strong dissension?
> On the cleanup, yes you're right I'll separate them into different
> patches next time.
Hi Tim,

It would be nice to make some torture tests for this behavior,
(or at least blackbox tests running smbclient with different -U options
in make test)


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