[PATCH]: Windows BRL Try 2

Zack Kirsch zack.kirsch at isilon.com
Thu Feb 12 18:09:04 MST 2009

Hi Jeremy and tech,
Patches 2 & 3 here are updates to patches 1 & 2 from before. Tprouty
(and metze) really wanted me to remove the struct blocking_lock_record
typedef, so I did that as patch #1. If you've already looked at my
original patches, then you'll want to know that patches 2&3 have the
following changes from my previous submission:
* Changed the VFS signatures to take in a conn, instead of an fsp.
* Changed brl_lock() to use br_lck->fsp instead of my addition of
passing in an fsp.
* Changed brl_lock_cancel() to take in a blocking_lock_record * instead
of blr_private - matches the lock/unlock interfaces.
* Changed brl_lock_cancel_default() and brl_lock_windows_default() to
not take in blr_private (or blr), since they're not needed.
* Moved find_blocking_lock_record_by_id() to onefs specific function.
* Changed type of blr_private from uint64_t to void*. Changed the OneFS
implementation to use this better. :)
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