Oliver Liebel oliver at itc.li
Tue Feb 10 12:39:57 MST 2009

Andrew Bartlett schrieb:
>> i also added some new output to the post- provision-backend-messages,
>> depending on the chosen options to make some olc/mmr-depending params 
>> more clear.
> Why can't we provision against ldapi in the MMR case?  I don't
> understand why Samba4 should ever talk to anything but the ldapi socket
> in the default case.
first: please specify the "default case".

second: sure its possible to set up final provisioning for MMR with 
both   ldap://<fqhn>:<port>   and/or    ldapi:///.
just a matter of adding a few more words to explain this setup-type in 
the provision-backend output line,
and samba 4 can talk from here to eternity to the socket.
but for real-life MMR-purposes slapd still has to be run with 
(additionally) ldap://<fqhn>:<port> on every physical node.

and in this (early) stage its surely less confusing and less complex 
(for those who wants to test it)
to set up mmr just with host:port.

>> it was also necessary to create a small workaround (3 lines), in case
>> the syncprov overlay (and directory) of olcDatabase={0}config were
>> not created properly during conversion.
> Ahh - this is because we don't have a cn=config in the slapd.conf, so
> when slaptest creates it, it does not think to add syncprov to it?

the correct cn=config block is placed via templating into slapd.conf 
before it gets converted,
as you can see in the script, the templates and the generated slapd.conf.
in just made the experience that in some cases the syncprov container is 
not created properly,
if syncprov is used more then once. i didnt had the time over the last 
weeks to test and reproduce this
behaviour under all circumstances, so i created this small workaround.
i will try to reproduce it later - for now the olc-setup is working.


> Thanks,
> Andrew Bartlett

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