[PATCH] Add a libsmbclient function to check if server has unix cifs support.

Derrell Lipman derrell.lipman at unwireduniverse.com
Mon Feb 9 06:34:31 MST 2009

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 7:26 AM, Andreas Schneider <anschneider at suse.de>wrote:

> Hi,
> attached is a patch which adds the possibility to check if the server has
> unix
> cifs support.

Hi Andreas. I like the idea of enabling a method of returning that
information to the user. It seem, though, that the implementation you
propose leaves a flag value in the internal structure that is only
meaningful if one knows the state of the context, specifically, what the
last connection request was.

An alternate solution would be to provide an smbc_fstatvfs() function. I
haven't looked into the details yet, but we may be able to fill in most fo
the struct statvfs fields appropriately, and in particular, we could specify
a number of bits for f_flag field, including one for Unix CIFS support. What
do you think of this alternative?


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