Reloading smb.conf with ctdb

Jonathan Buzzard j.buzzard at
Wed Feb 4 16:07:59 GMT 2009

What is the best way to get samba to reload the smb.conf to enable new
shares (or changes to shares) to take effect without restarting samba?

On a normal standalone system I would just do a "/etc/init.d/smb reload"
which would send a HUP to the smbd to get it to force a reload. However
looking at the ctdb script this does a restart of ctdb, which will fail
over and then back the services. Without the durable file handle support
of smb2 in Samba, not such a good plan on a live and active system.

Ideally there would be a smbreload option for ctdb that would do it
across the cluster. At the moment the best I can come up with is a
"mmrcmd killall -s HUP smbd" as I am using GPFS, but that seems
something of a hack.

Also what is the best practice for maintaining a synchronized smb.conf
across the cluster?


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