Samba to maintain Kerberos library configuration

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Fri Aug 21 11:41:33 MDT 2009

> pam_winbindd is certainly superior.
> Not only it can use kerberos to authenticate (and set your credential
> caches), but it can fallback to NTLM or even to offline mode (if
> configured to do so).

Ok, you convinced me (if it can handle tickets AND offline mode, then it
is certainly a superior).
But still, Kerberos configuration as per krb5.conf would be great at least
for the following:
- ssh single sign on
- NFSv4
- OpenLdap library / automounter
... and besides, there is already an option to handle the system Kerberos
Keytab file - so this seems to me a next obvious step.

As per the winbind_krb5_locator mentioned - this is a good example of
absolutely useless thing - MIT Kerberos library can lookup KDCs using DNS
SRV records on its own! So really, krb5.conf configuration only involves
putting appropriate realm in - for experienced admin not a big deal, but
for beginners Samba can help here greatly....

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