wbinfo --sequence???

Gerald Carter gcarter at likewiseopen.org
Sat Aug 15 08:08:38 MDT 2009

Hey Volker,

> Hi, Jerry!
> With de154dcf samba-master you removed the ability to list
> sequence numbers from all domains. Instead, you force people
> to use --online-status.
> Unfortunately, this is not the same. Last week at a customer
> site I have need --sequence, as this really goes out to all
> domains and checks if they are there. --online-status relies
> on the regular online checks.
> Please send a patch to restore --sequence.

IIRC metze wanted the seqnum removed.  I think you might want
to talk to him.   The reasoning was that the sequence number
was not reliable anyways since it was being reported from
the winbindd parent and it was the children that had the
up-to-date information.

Besides that, the change was over 12 months ago.  I'm afraid
if you need the patch reverted, I'll have to leave it in
your hands.

cheers, jerry

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